Unlearning regaining personal Power

I love this idea of “unlearning”.

Unlearning could be considered the conscious and subconscious release of old beliefs, outdated beliefs, emotional baggage, or releasing the pain of trauma that no longer serves us. By unlearning we can regain our personal power.

If your psyche accepts the vision of “unlearning” easier than “letting go”… then consciously chose unlearning all the things that you think about yourself; that either drags you down, makes you doubt yourself or that doesn’t serve your best and most powerful self.

We will separate all the “no longer true” from the “true” and change how we feel about ourselves and our future.

If you would like to experience of unlearning and letting go, a new reality then play along.

After you read the plan, then insert your own truths, what you would like to unlearn and what is “no longer true” into your personal story.

You can do this by closing your eyes and picking a location in your mind where you will lovingly place all the things that you “are”, that you know definitively to be true. I am a sister, a loving daughter, a compassionate woman, a passionate NLP trainer.

I visualize each truth as a warm glowing orb. Each one has a bit of a different color, some glow red, others a soft blue. They resonate, a slight soft tone, a noticeable vibration.

I reach out to other areas of my mind; I select one truth at a time; in my minds’ eye. I feel the weight of it, the slight vibration and tone that emanates from each truth. I place each one of my truths into my hands and roll them around, looking at them from every angle as I carry it carefully to my “truth box”. I witness myself easily walking through the corridors of my mind and naturally finding the room in my mind where my truth box is.

I walk over to my Truth box, I can’t wait to look inside, I feel my excitement. I can now see inside my truth box and as I let my gaze pass around the interior, it expands and becomes a huge magnificent room. I can walk inside here.

As I enter this room in my mind, I become aware how vast this room in my mind is, it feels unlimited expansive, each time I place my truths into it, the air seems to glows and the room expands a little more.  I can tell it is unlimitied.

I can actually feel the love in this room, it is, I understand my love for myself. The room itself glows with all my truth and potential. I feel at peace and excited at the same time, I feel the rooms’ powerful magnetic pull and I realize that I can easily walk around inside this room and visit all the beautiful truths that reside here.

I become aware that it is like the most magnificent library I have ever seen. Shelves line the walls and fill the space; there are already so many things already in there, things that I had somehow forgotten, like all the wonderful things I have already learned, accomplishments, great memories of my past, and milestones from years gone past.

Just being in here in my truth makes me feel powerful, I feel so proud of my truths and take a deep easy breathe feeling my chest expand and relax. It feels like home.

I continue to bring truths into my room and notice the space expands and glows brighter with each item I add. I also notice that each time I place a truth in my box, I hear the song a beautiful little bird singing, I feel the warmth of my love for all these things that are me. I breathe in the sweet smell that permeates the space and feel my body relax. I feel most relaxed and at ease.

I start to feel the unlimited nature of myself. I decide I will add more, because I can and I am these things that I have forgotten. Adding courage, resilience, power, compassion, passion, and as I continue to add more, I am I expanding myself. Adding more.. I am a constant learner, excited about the future +++, and I now I can feel it, I can breathe in all my truths.

I take a few minutes to wonder through the room, reach out as I pass each of my truths. I notice each time I reach towards my truth, they begin to glow a brilliant warm light, they seem to illuminate, vibrate and I hear them almost like they are singing with joy. I feel their warmth, the lightest touch to my face, my body and my heart. And now, because I have experienced my truths again, I feel at peace, powerful, safe and ready to unlearn the things that I will leave behind.

But as I leave this room for a short time, I will always remember where this room is and that I can visit it anytime I want. It is my personal room, built all for me and I am welcome anytime. I also keep this room open and promise myself to keep adding truths and to use this room as my safe haven.

Now it is time to create another box, in a different location in my mind. This box will represent the things that I no longer am.

I notice as I construct this box that it feels uncomfortable here, it’s darker, the light doesn’t reflect with me, It feels separate from myself.

I feel a bit of a knot in my stomach, anxiety, self-doubt… will I make the box right, can I do this? I definitely don’t like it here, my chest feel tight, I feel my palms are hot and sweat a little. It’s damp and musty and cobwebs cling to the corners of this box. Dark things seem to lurk at the edges watching me, judging my progress. It feels a bit sticky around the box and smells more sour than musky.

I will do this quickly, my truths are lighting the way. My truths have told me and I have the inner strength to unlearn all this garbage that I have picked up along life’s road. I am ready… I can go to my Truth room; in my mind, whenever I need their strength.

I have decided. I am going to fill this big black box with all the things that are no longer true or things that I need to unlearn. Afterwards, I will naturally and effortlessly walk away from this place.

The first thing I notice is how easy it is to drop all that is heavy, sad, painful and unhappy. It is time; I may have realized that for a long time. I know now that they really have no life of their own… so I happily drop them into the box.

I realize now that untruths cannot animate without my power. Untruths are dead weight, lifeless nothingness. With this new awareness I know I will never give an untruth life again.

In my mind, I quickly gather all the untrue things together, some are just old clutter, others limp lifeless, sticky smelly perceptions of has never been true.

Easy… I no longer drive a Jeep, clunk… it hits the bottom of the box. I no longer live in Vancouver, clunk… a spa owner … clunk, faster now, own a horse.

Deeper; fear of flying, overweight, I peek over the edge and watch them drop into the abyss of the box.

I notice that each lifeless untruth seems to disappear into a bottomless black hole, disappearing beyond my awareness. I seem to forget them as soon as they drop in.

This is empowering, I grab several untruths, the ones that seems tough,

  • self-doubt
  • indecision

.. and this time I throw them deep into the bottom of the box, I smile as I hear them dropping into the pit. They disappear in blackness into the nothingness and now, I realize that is their nature. ..

Untruths are not tough, they are “UN”, they are do not exist, powerless, lifeless …

….this is starting to feel good, I continue getting rid of the crap that holds me back, the untruths that I need to unlearn. Here I go…

  • Gaining Wealth is difficult… Done.
  • I don’t deserve… swoosh I throw it harder. Gone.
  • I’m not good enough. Gone.
  • I’m not pretty enough. Gone.
  • I am not thin enough. Gone.

All of my untruths effortlessly falling into the black abyss of the box…at times I hear them crash against the walls. I listen as they loudly explode into smithereens somewhere beyond my vision.. More…

I hear fears’ painful cry as its’ fiery red ball implodes into nothingness.

I am charged now! I am really feeling smooth texture of empowerment.

I realize I have more power, more options, and I begin to see the fog clear, a new greater perception is beginning to appear.

Now that I am aware of my power and I see the limited lifeless nature of my untruths, they instantly begin to be sucked into the black box… all by themselves. It takes none of my effort, it’s effortless.

As this happens, I feel my body and mind are naturally feeling lighter, the weight of fatigue lifts, self-criticism disappears, and self-doubt tries to grad my arm but get sucked away. I watch them magnetically being sucked through the corridors of my mind, quickly vanishing into the box and beyond nothingness.

My untruths are pulled by themselves now, effortlessly. I just have to notice them, as simple as that. They all appear to have a certain polarity, seem unstable, a bit of a wobble and kind of stick together. It seems to be their nature.

As I continue to search for the more hidden untruths, the ones that haven’t left yet, I realize when I find them that they are becoming more unstable and maybe a bit transparent, they are losing their shape, I can’t make out what I used to think they were. Without my power, they lose their form, become nothing.

I notice how easy it is now, by simply bringing my attention to any untruth, they get sucked into the abyss.

I notice now, I no longer feel uncomfortable here, this is also my place of power, the room has become brighter, the floor stable and smooth. The air is clearer. My stomach feels relaxed, hungry for more truth and my shoulder strong and square. My mind feels clear and I can hear the sound of music and laughter from happy memories. I know my truth is much stronger now and it is starting to fill up many of the rooms in my mind.

I start to feel my excitement, uplifted, lighter, and I taste my freedom. My mind feels expansive, open and receptive to new ideas. I hear the un-limitedness in my thinking now, am visualizing opportunities beyond where I was allowing myself to notice before. But now I see them, waiting there for me, natural unlimited opportunities.

I feel confident in ridding myself from untruths, like a detective I easily find them, how quickly I can make this happen!

I understand that at times, a new untruth may enter my mind, but now I have the awareness that they have no power of their own, and I naturally repel them, they cannot stay here.

This knowledge is my truth! All of a sudden start to see my untruth box begin to implode. It is sucking any and all untruths from my mind, dissolving them back into nothingness.

I lean inward and notice now, there is just a big black hole left in the place where the untruth box was and it has a powerful pull. It has my power, the power of my truth energizing it.

I hear cheering, rise out of my truths. As the last of the untruth turns to nothingness, my see my truth room glow brighter, stronger and their energy empowers me.

I realize now that my truth is my shield, my true self! I feel the warm glow everywhere, permeating every cell, flushing through my bones, muscles, tendons; my truth runs in my blood, it is a natural part of me. I feel my truth expand, its strength flow all around me, a powerful shield, protecting me, repelling untruths.

I will decide right now that whenever I feel that uncomfortable pull of an untruth, all I have to do, is lightly bring attention to it and it will be sucked into the black hole, sucked naturally and easily into the black hole and into nothingness.

I have the power; it is MY mind after all!

I have a choice and I chose personal power.

With my new awareness, I briefly visit my TRUTH room, and take a deep breath and know and feel grateful for all my truth. It really is what sets me free.

Now, I realize that I can take this knowledge into the future and move beyond any untruth that may have been holding me back.

I know without a doubt that I will continue to nurture and grow my truths and I relax in this knowledge.


Now… Just take a moment to accept this too as my truth….


Lots of love