Visual Squash!

Visual Squash

This technique is great when one part of you wants to give up behavior that is interfering with your happiness, and another part of you is resistant to change. The part of our minds that resists changes,  finds comfort in this known behavior. IE: Emotional eating. Neur-Linguistics programming can offer you natural and easy tools that change behavior and lets your succeed at your weight loss goals.

  • I want you to put on music that relaxes you. Possibly the music that reminds you of a person you love or something you love to do.
  • Close your eyes
  • Imaging something or someone you truly love.
    • I want you to locate how this feels in your body.
    • The location, sensation or vibration, give it a color, sound, a shape
  • Now picture in your mind, exactly what you would like to change, the part of you that brought you to read this report and that part that really wants to reach the goal.
    • Get a clear vision of this in your mind.
    • Give it a shape, a color, a texture a sound, taste and a feeling. It’s the vision of yourself that only wants the best for you.
  • Now picture the part of yourself that keeps you from achieving your goal. The reasons may not be clear on a conscious level.
    • Give this part a different shape, color, texture, vibration, taste and feeling
    • You now recognize this is the part of you that holds you back.
    • Thanks this part for its efforts, it had good intentions; you may understand the reason why it held you back.
    • You ask this part of yourself to look at the behaviors and beliefs that are creating the inability to lose weight. These unintentional patterns were learned while growing up. For example: “Eat all your food, children are starving in Africa”.
    • You can explain to this part of yourself that your parent’s good intention is misplaced or misunderstood.
    • Invite this part to release these events as you are now ready to embark on a new journey and growing beyond this behavior.
    • In your minds’ eye: get these 2 parts to stand in front of each other and acknowledge each other.
    •  Visualize the energy between them; they seem energetically connected, almost magnetized.
    • With this realization, both parts understand that they are not losing anything, but gaining as they will be stronger by fusing together.
    • They start to communicate, blending the very best of themselves together, integrating, blending and gaining the best qualities as those lacking in one as present in the other.
    • They begin to magnetize together at their own speed, assimilating the positive changes and then the two images join and form a single image. The old images dissolve into one more powerful form that has the positive skills and attributes of the old.
    • The new form is very capable of accomplishing all the important goals of your future.
    • Now take your time and integrate the new part into your present self.
    • Now go back and bring back your fully embodied LOVE form.
      • You can see that there is a special place opening up within your “love” zone.
      • This space that is open is being created in the same shape, color, sound, vibration as the new part that you have created. They understand that they will fit perfectly.
    • Imagine the part finding it comfort and home within your place of love.
    • You can feel your energy grow as they reunite with you.
    • Take a few minutes to enjoy this feeling and quality.
    • Once you feel comfortable, think of places and times in the future where you want these integrated qualities and capacities to empower you.
    • You know they will be at your disposal whenever you need them.