Wake up and Shift: our desire to change

11119678_10152810948361534_1790932125013429467_oOur desire to change

becomes stronger than our resistance to remain the same. I call this process, the Irresistible Journey. A journey that I believe we are all being “pulled” towards. The concept is explored within Wake up and Shift, through personal anecdotes and by exploring current culture and evens through the evolutionary psychology window.


Psychology states that there are 7 stages of mental and emotional development. The 4th stage is where we emerge into soul thinking: where we can discover true happiness and meaning in life. As we progress in our evolution, we feel fulfilled and content; we accept things we cannot change, but are open to change; we embrace diversity, have strong coping skills, foster supportive, loving relationships and strive not to be non-judgemental. However, most of us are stuck in the first 3 phases of psychological development. We let our egos control us and we are perpetually seeking to fulfill our basic human needs, unable or unwilling to evolve to fulfill our higher purpose in life.


So, how can we rise above the negativity, control our egos and become soul thinkers? My purpose for the Incredible Journey webinars is to help you achieve a complete personal and professional holistic makeover through a process of self-discovery, recovery

and transformation.

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