Tantalizing Tidbits: Weight Loss For Professional Women!

So what other ways can we affect the change we want to see in ourselves…..

Break the PATTERN!

Our brains function at tremendous capacity and filter millions of pieces of information every single day. We need to nurture the functions of the brain to help it function optimally. This includes our mental emotional brain.

If brain-fag sets in today, there are a couple simple effective ways to give ourselves a natural boost. Say your positive “I am’s”. Make yourself up 20 or so and anytime you need a brain boost, repeat them throughout the day.

I eat so therefore I am strong.

I am the master of my body and my emotions.

I am creative in my solutions.

I AM’s are Powerful statements and core values to keep you focused on, your goals. Say them daily.

Wake up the brain, feed your soul, rather than feed the body:) A nice walk out side or around the office stirs up our circulation and brings more oxygen to the brain, improves creativity and alertness.

Next time your turning-in and tuning-out to a daydream moment…. take a stroll? A stretch before returning to your work? Call a friend that needs a lift? Listen to your favorite music?

… so let’s continue with a healthy happy brain.

Break the pattern

Re-shaping Weight-Loss through Hydrating!
Another great tip! We are no longer struggling for food and water as the “hunter gatherer ancestors”, so we have forgotten the difference between how we recognize we are thirsty, verse how we recognize if we are hungry! hmmmm, and YES they are closely related, you need to identify which one you are feeling. What is the message your brain is signalling.

Quite often we snack as a form of comfort or because we are thirsty, rather than hungry. Ask yourself, if I were to drink a glass of water before I ever considered reaching for a snack, would that satisfy my urge? And if half the time you were really only THIRSTY, how would that impact you #weight-loss?

Hydration is a significant benefit to many areas of our health including #weight loss.

Think of a pipe filled with gravel and the pipe is slowly filling up over the day. Would it be easier to push the gravel through the pipe or to add lots of water and flush it through. If this is logical to you, then…

1. What are some of the ways I can recognize I am dehydrated and ensure that I stay hydrated?

2. How would I know that I was hydrated?

3. What are some of the ways I can make sure I stay hydrated each and every day?

4. Who do I have to be to make this important change in my life?

Retraining our habits takes consistency and that is where a coach “holds the space” for you to make the changes you would like to see in your life, by creating a strong connection and mind map for living your true self, and finding the happiness and fulfillment that follows. Coaching leads you to powerful transformation, personally, professionally, financially.

Stay well,