Extensive Business Experience
Adele Anderson has a wealth of experience in language, psychology and Holistic health.

I am a passionate Holistic Coach, Healer, Speaker. Heart Based Entrepreneur.

I am Adele M Anderson.

I am a Holistic Health Coach with extensive holistic medical and business experience.

My expertise in language studies, evolutionary psychology plus fifteen years of holistic Homeopathic medical practice provide practical tools and insight into how we function; or struggle holistically and how we overcome adversity to fulfill our destiny

Through private Holistic Health Coaching Consultations and workshops, I blend Psychology, language, communication, creativity, intuition and Homeopathy to safely identify and define any inner outer imbalance and any physical or psychological self-limiting restrictions of well-being that keep you from fulfilling your destiny.

Through a process of understanding self-limiting beliefs, silencing the inner critic, using conscious language, redefining emotional triggers and most importantly, finding the mind body connection, imbalance can be corrected and well-being returned so you can…empower your destiny.

My aim is to achieve a complete holistic makeover through a process of self-discovery and recovery and transformation to Fulfill YOUR Destiny

How do I engage? Coaching workshops, private sessions, retreats, online webinars, public speaking events, education blogging and mentoring.

What is my offering?

The opportunity to Fulfill YOUR Destiny

The possible key to happiness, success, health and fulfillment?
The substance of living consciously. Heart based living and Leadership.
Learning to play and stay in the passion flow.
Intentionally embracing our personal core value zone, the driving force behind the joy in life and where happiness and health are sustainable.
I want to engage people in the Curiosity of why when we delineate from our passion, we experience resistance, that life seems hard and nothing flows, wellness get lost in passage of our pursuits.

As a Holistic Teacher, Coach, Healer and Speaker, I can offer Clients tools to navigate
Inspire change through psychology/physiology through language patterning.
Mind mapping and aligning new models of success through heart based living and leadership, that keep you in the Happiness zone.
As a speaker I can:

  • Weave a fun interesting psychological tale of intrigue
  • Engage you in a new curiosity for mind and language exploration
  • Pique your interest of discovering the Holistic inner nature of the mind, body, soul connections.
  • Make you laugh, with me, about life.
  • Help you bond with other like minded spirits

Speaking Topics are devoted to Psychology: Success Language, The psychology of health and wellness, Psychology of Evolutionary Leadership, heart based living and health, Communication and Fair Fighting, Relationships, Family crisis and more.

I look forward to discussing any opportunity you may see for me at a future workshop.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance  in the rain and to…

Fulfill YOUR Destiny