What food is your babysitter?

Food has become our babysitter.

Best friend and confidant, eating food when bummed out. Fast foods. Drinks and snacks, high in saturated fats. Sugar, additives and terrible preservatives. Salt.

Our systems swing from high to lows, faster than a pendulum can.

Fast Food counts on it.

Fast food is big business.

Fancy packaging. Ingredients that look like food. But aren’t.

Why does that matter? Our bodies don’t know what to do with “non-food”.┬áThat crap stays inside our bodies. Creates toxicity. Is stored like fat!

Many of the processed food words, we that can’t even read. Can’t read it. Don’t eat it. Processed foods, preservatives are often linked to disease. Cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes.

Driven by our own unhappiness. Loneliness and stress. Feeling there isn’t enough time in our day, to create a healthy nutritious meal.

How does this kind of food feel like inside my body?

Eating fast food perpetuates the cycle. Restlessness, highs and lows, sleeplessness. Foggy brain, irritability and dissatisfaction. Behavior cycles because we feel punky!

But that still isn’t enough. To make us change. We need a wake up call. Doc says somethings wrong. Still, only 20% make the needed change.

Be aware of the hyped marketing and lure with product that provide the Dopamine drop in an unhealthy bundle. It’s this lift in emotion that we seek, a temporary relief from feeling out of sorts and when ever we begin to feel the craving, our behavior is often to reach for unhealthy eats.

But there is many great healthy alternatives, that get rid of the highs and lows and provide our bodies with good nutrients!

Real food

Amino Rich antioxidant foods, free of antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, additives are great healthy sources that trigger the Dopamine drop and stimulate your metabolism at the same time! Lose weight now!

  • Then eat raw vegetables rich in Folate
  • Amino acid rich fruits
  • Vegetables that contain Betaine, a natural anti-depressant
  • Apples, Bananas and drink Green tea
  • Cur-cumin and Gingko

And if you want to lose weight by removing these pesky babysitters, watch my video and enjoy a neuro-linguistic programming session and have fun out there.

xoxo Adele