Wheat Addiction!

Are You A Bread Addict?

Wheat can be considered an Addiction

Dreading the next diet, well don’t! Slowing detoxifying our eating habits, eliminating excess, deficiencies and stagnation from our diet, is a psychological shift. With a million diets out there, I don’t believe it is about food… I believe it is about our psychology and about addiction, and wheat addiction is a biggy!

It’s time to shift our thinking about losing weight and scrap the diet. Our inability to lose weight has just as much to do with what is going on inside our heads as it is about what’s going in our mouths.

When flour and refined carbo-hydrates are the 2nd biggest addictive food, it makes sense. Sugar is #1 and flour and refined carbo-hydrates quickly convert to sugar. BINGO!
When high glycemic foods like white bread create a spike in insulin it also creates stagnation; symptoms of bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, unhealthy skin, headaches, poor sleep and cravings, all are just some of many symptoms that include poor weight loss.

One key ingredient to losing weight is controlling our bread addiction, literally… going cold turkey. We can choose to detox addictions to certain foods like bread, by choosing slow digesting proteins like white meat Turkey and Chicken, and increase monounsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, eggs, fatty fish, olive and coconut oils and butters.

The healthy fats increase our ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that fight off inflammation, control appetite and defy aging, while the slow digesting proteins keep insulin levels optimal, are more difficult to store as belly fat and stave off cravings. This means, we burn fat!