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4 Day Healing Grief Retreat

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Next Retreat: July 15 - 18

Whispering Waves, a space dedicated to supporting your journey towards recovery and acceptance after loss. Here, participants can explore emotional healing and effective coping strategies, including mindfulness techniques and creative expression, tailored to navigate the complexities of the experience. Discover opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery, understanding how life has shaped you and finding a path forward. Connect with a compassionate community, sharing experiences with others on a similar journey, and leave with a renewed sense of hope and resilience, equipped to navigate your journey with confidence and inner strength.

What to Expect at The Retreat

Healing &

If you are seeking a space where you can learn to navigate and process your emotions associated with grief, aiming to find constructive ways to manage your feelings of loss and sadness, you have arrived.

Strategies &

Learning and acquiring effective coping mechanisms, tools, and strategies to deal with grief. This could involve mindfulness techniques, creative expression, or various therapeutic methods to navigate the grieving process.

Growth &

Seeking opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection, and understanding how grief has affected your life. Your aim may be to discover more about yourself and yours strengths, finding a path to move forward in your life.

Connection & Support

Finding a supportive community and a safe space for sharing experiences with others who are also coping with grief. Building connections and receiving support from peers and professionals can be incredibly empowering.

Renewed Sense of Hope & Resilience

Ultimately, participants may aim to leave the retreat with a renewed sense of hope, acceptance, and resilience. Striving to carry forward the tools and insights gained at the retreat to navigate your grief journey with more confidence and inner strength.

From $1,634

July 15-18 | Sep 20-23

About the Facility

Welcome to a serene haven on the Pacific Ocean, a sanctuary meticulously designed for healing, solace, and renewal. This expansive property, crafted with heartfelt intention by Adele and her late husband, Willis, was initially their personal escape—a tranquil retreat amid life’s hustle.
Overlooking glistening waters, the estate features an exquisite sweet-water lake and an architecturally stunning luxury home, a testament to Willis’s vision in 2020.

In 2023, recognizing the profound need for a dedicated space for grieving hearts, Adele expanded this retreat to those navigating life’s deepest losses. Once a private refuge, her home now welcomes individuals seeking solace and healing. Amidst ocean breezes and breathtaking vistas, this sanctuary becomes a cocoon for transformation, inviting you to exhale, release the weight of grief, and reclaim inner strength. Adele’s mission is to provide a secure haven, consciously guiding your healing journey with enduring tools and support.

This retreat is more than a pause—it’s an opportunity for growth, a space to restore, and a chance to craft a resilient version of yourself. Here, waves echo resilience, and the air carries the promise of renewed spirit.

From $1,634

July 15-18 | Sep 20-23


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