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4 Day Healing Grief Retreat

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Many find it hard to set and stick to goals because life can be tricky. If you’ve been through tough stuff like loss or trauma, regular goal-setting methods might not work well for you. That’s because what’s considered normal may not be enough anymore. It could be that deep down, you want something more meaningful and motivating.

If you’ve wondered why some people achieve their goals easily while you struggle, check out this healing retreat. It lasts four days and teaches simple ways to get motivated again. It focuses on setting small, purposeful goals to help you cope better and become stronger.

During the retreat, you’ll think about yourself, use your strengths, and make a plan to deal with tough times. It’s like a guide to help you be more active and strong in your thinking. This way, you can tackle your struggles and start healing.

What to Expect

As the initial support subsides, our retreat offers a sanctuary for healing, self-discovery, and building resilience.
Explore the following themes and more in a supportive and empathetic environment:

Isolation and Loneliness

Redefining connections and finding enduring support beyond the initial wave of sympathy.

Re-entering Social Circles

Providing strategies to gracefully navigate social situations, recognizing, and embracing the evolving dynamics.

Identity and Self-Discovery

Guiding widows through a journey of self-reassessment, exploration of new interests, and the discovery of purpose.

Unexpected Grief Triggers

Understanding and managing unexpected emotional triggers with compassion and resilience.

Navigating Relationships

Offering insights and support for adjusting dynamics and evolving roles.

Building a New Support System

Facilitating the creation of a robust and understanding support network tailored to the ongoing nature of grief.

Addressing Unresolved Emotions

Guiding participants in addressing lingering emotions and seeking therapeutic support when needed.

Creating a New Normal

Understanding and managing unexpected emotional triggers with compassion and resilience.

At “Renewal in the Second Year,” we recognize the uniqueness of each grief journey.

Through professional coaching, support groups, and open communication, we aim to empower widows to embrace their healing process beyond the second year and into a future filled with renewed hope and strength.

Join us as we navigate these uncharted waters together!

From $1,342

May 22-25 | Jun 18-21 | Sep 9-12

About the Facility

Welcome to a serene haven on the Pacific Ocean, a sanctuary meticulously designed for healing, solace, and renewal. This expansive property, crafted with heartfelt intention by Adele and her late husband, Willis, was initially their personal escape—a tranquil retreat amid life’s hustle.

Overlooking glistening waters, the estate features an exquisite sweet-water lake and an architecturally stunning luxury home, a testament to Willis’s vision in 2020.

In 2023, recognizing the profound need for a dedicated space for grieving hearts, Adele expanded this retreat to those navigating life’s deepest losses. Once a private refuge, her home now welcomes individuals seeking solace and healing. Amidst ocean breezes and breathtaking vistas, this sanctuary becomes a cocoon for transformation, inviting you to exhale, release the weight of grief, and reclaim inner strength. Adele’s mission is to provide a secure haven, consciously guiding your healing journey with enduring tools and support.

This retreat is more than a pause—it’s an opportunity for growth, a space to restore, and a chance to craft a resilient version of yourself. Here, waves echo resilience, and the air carries the promise of renewed spirit.

From $1,342

May 22-25 | Jun 18-21 | Sep 9-12


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